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Premiere DateAug 22, 2012
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00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:28 Some Stars Earn Stripes talk
11:07 Jeffrey McClain on SES, PTSD, and recreating the bin Laden raid
38:39 A listener supplied science lesson
51:11 German trans child may be institutionalized
53:59 Good op ed about Pussy Riot
58:49 “Happiest Place on Earth” Desaparacidos / Credits
60:16 Finish

Jeffrey McClain, from Iraq Vets Against The War, joins us to discuss Stars Earn Stripes, a facility that recreates the bin Laden raid, and the ever-increasing militarism in the United States. Also, a listener reminds us about some reproductive science, a German court may take a trans child away from her mother, and a surprisingly spot-on NYT op-ed about Pussy Riot.

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Jeffrey with Jack


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