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Premiere DateAug 16, 2012
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00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:28 In praise of guests
08:13 Alexis Goldstein on Goldman Sachs
23:45 Prosecutorial misconduct
37:42 Stars Earn Stripes makes John angry
53:24 Progressive is awful
60:20 “This is how we play dressing up”
61:20 Finish

Alexis Goldstein joins us to discuss the Department of Justice’s decision not to charge Goldman Sachs with fraud, and she answers the question: Who’s more objectionable, Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein or JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon. Also, a new report shows incredible rates of prosecutorial misconduct, the NBC show Stars Earn Stripes takes propaganda to a new level, and Progressive Insurance helps defend the person who killed one of their clients.

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