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Premiere DateAug 15, 2012
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00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:28 Molly's funny voices
07:06 Liliana Segura on prisons
17:03 Spectra pipeline protests
28:59 70% of NYC public school students below poverty line
43:30 Another mass shooting
56:52 “Throw away the key” Awkword / Credits
59:55 Finish

The Nation‘s Liliana Segura on Texas’ execution of an intellectually disabled man, and its broader context in the execution of the mentally disabled, and a recent Supreme Court ruling barring mandatory minimum life sentences for juveniles. Also, activists in NYC protest the Spectra pipeline, another mass shooting, and 70% of public school students in NYC live below the poverty line.

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Signs at anti-Spectra

Crowd at anti-Spectra

Liliana Segura

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