Radio Dispatch

Premiere DateApr 4, 2012
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:28 BK bridge anniversary
26:15 John explains interest rates swaps by calling Molly a degenerate gambler
45:00 Systems of power, from individual to structural
59:43 “Summertime Clothes” Animal Collective / Credits
61:24 Finish

6 month anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge arrests, more on MTA bonds and the ways bankers are taking commuters’ money, and Molly attends Women and Action in the Media.

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BK bridge puppet

Granny Peace Brigade

Healthcare for the 99 percent

John and Molly Knefel are journalists, writers, and co-hosts of the political podcast Radio Dispatch. John covers foreign policy, criminal justice, civil liberties, and harm reduction, with bylines at…