Radio Dispatch

Premiere DateMar 2, 2012
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:28 Live from Byrant Park (with Natasha Lennard)
06:11 Matt Taibbi on the crooks at BofA, speaking in Bryant Park
27:08 Laura Yasinitsky on veganism, food justice, and the Oscars
62:53 “Be Healthy” Dead Prez / Credits
64:08 Finish

Matt Taibbi on the crimes of Bank of America, and Laura Yasinitsky (Lara Yaz) on veganism and writing fashion police jokes for US Weekly. Plus, we report live from F29, the day OWS called Shut down the Corporations.

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Laura with baby

Volerick gets bunny ears

Taibbi in Bryant Park

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