Radio Dispatch

Premiere DateFeb 1, 2012
Categories Culture Politics Talk
00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:28 Intro to a big show, including Gov Spitzer
06:22 Eliot Spitzer on the the economy & OWS
18:59 “OWS did a tremendous service for the nation”
26:11 Occupy Oakland & Solidarity actions
46:51 Mic Check kicks off OWS Oakland solidarity march
48:22 Play by play of the march
59:16 Journey to the End of the East Bay Rancid / Credits
60:51 Finish

Gov Eliot Spitzer joins us to discuss OWS, ways of solving the mortgage crisis, and back room deals would make people revolt if they knew about them. Also, coverage of Occupy Oakland’s attempt to take a building and the OPD’s brutal crackdown, and the OWS solidarity march the following day.

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Arrest on J 29

Riot cops follow along

In Spitzer’s office

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