Democratic Hopefuls Skip AIPAC

Premiere DateMar 25, 2019
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00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:30 Watching Queer Eye and feeling inspired
10:48 Morning John on the AIPAC conference and Golan Heights
31:49 Indiana teachers shot with pellet guns during a school shooting drill
50:04 Listener mail
58:17 Credits, “BUDDY” by Du Blond
59:31 Finish

In an unprecedented move, Democratic 2020 hopefuls are skipping out on this weekend’s AIPAC conference. Also, teachers in Indiana were forced to be mock executed in a school shooting drill, New Zealand has successfully changed its gun laws within 10 days of the Christchurch shooting, and listener mail.

Jacinda Ardern
photo courtesy of Governor-General of New Zealand via Wikimedia Commons

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