Aziz Rana on the Need for More Robust Leftist Foreign Policy

Premiere DateMay 31, 2018
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00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch
00:28 So excited to have Aziz on the show
06:22 Aziz Rana on Leftist foreign policy and the end of the Cold War consensus
49:29 Missouri’s governor resigns
59:50 “Sun” Beach Skulls / Credits
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Aziz Rana, professor of law at Cornell Law School and author of The Two Faces of American Freedom,  joins us to discuss the need for a more robust leftist foreign policy, and the fracturing of the Cold War consensus. Also, Missouri’s governor resigns following horrifying allegations of sexual assault and other crimes, and Roseanne did what Roseanne does.

Aziz Rana

Photo courtesy of Aziz Rana

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