Radio Dispatch
Axios publishes an extraordinarily irresponsible story about Trump's desire to end birthright citizenship, the response includes some condescension about whether people should be scared or not, and…
Frontline’s James Jacoby on The Facebook Dilemma, and Molly calls in to discuss the anti-Semitic terror attack in Pittsburgh.    
At least two more bombs have been discovered since Thursday, Trump considers shutting down the southern border, and Megyn Kelly leaves the Today show with a $69 million ext package. photo…
We spend the hour on the mail bombs, Trump's response, and hollow calls for unity among Democrats and pundits. photo courtesy of Fibonacci Blue via Wikimedia Commons
In leaked audio, Brian Kemp said that he was worried that people would exercise their right to vote, the White House issues a dubious report on socialism, and listener mail on what’s at state in the…
Trump calls himself a Nationalist a press conference in Houston and claims that "Middle Easterners" are hiding in the migrant caravan coming from Honduras, and someone sent a bomb to George…
Frontline’s Martin Smith on his new documentary The Pension Gamble, Molly on Trump’s proposed anti-trans initiative, and Steve King goes full white nationalist.
A rant about the word "tribalism," and immigrants fear that applying for government benefits will put their status in jeopardy. photo by AOB512 via Wikimedia Commons  
Trump threatens Honduras as a migrant caravan heads north, and more thoughts on Trump's defending of the Saudis and Elizabeth Warren's DNA test. photo courtesy of Adam Jones via Wikimedia…
The Today show does free advertising for a white nationalist group, Mitch McConnell said he will go after Social Security to fix the deficit, and Trump calls MBS another case of "guilty until proven innocent."
Elizabeth Warren biffs it in trying to prove Trump's hypocrisy, and NYC homelessness among students skyrockets since 2010.
The GOP invites the Proud Boys to their club in NYC, white men love Trump, the administration is weighing another round of family separation.
Outright voter suppression in Georgia. Bernie lays out a leftist vision for foreign policy. And listener mail.
A Saudi Arabian journalist is missing and speculated to have been killed by the Saudi government, Brett Kavanaugh argues that immigrants should be detained for crimes no matter how long ago they were…
Jesse Myerson on climate change and the right wing response to Medicare for All, and Molly on reports that the children of deported parents are getting adopted by US citizens. photo by Vince Reinhart via Wikimedia Commons
John and Molly on Susan Collins, the confirmation of Kavanaugh, and John explains a new right wing meme.
We spend the hour on the NYT investigation of Trump’s financial fraud.
Conservatives blame liberals for making them support Kavanaugh, Molly’s adventures at Men’s Warehouse.
The FBI supplemental investigation has been delivered, Jane Mayer and Ronan Farrow report that several witnesses couldn't get in touch with the FBI, pundits wonder whether the fight to hold Kavanaugh accountable gave the GOP a boost.
Trump verbally attacks and mocks Blasey Ford and says it’s a very dangerous time for young men, but that women are doing great.
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss the Kavanaugh protests, more reporting indicates Kavanaugh may have known these allegations were coming, and listener mail.   
Frontline producer and reporter Jim Gilmore joins us to discuss the new Frontline documentary Trump’s Showdown. Also, Jeff Flake’s theatrics, the heroic activists that confronted him, and what we…
John and Molly unpack the Kavanaugh hearing. Jeff Flake