Radio Dispatch
Jesse Myerson joins us to talk about the politics of science, pro-life Democrats, and what taxes should look like. Also, Morning John on the new office set up for people to report immigrants.
Melissa Gira Grant is back for MGG Thursdays and we’re talking Wall Street’s Fearless Girl, the NYT tomboy op ed, and the politics of booing Ivanka. Also, John joins us to talk about Trump’s proposed tax plan. Photo credit: Twitter (@melissagira)
John is in the studio to catch up on the waking nightmare we live in now, the NYT messes up an op-ed on gender, and listener mail. Photo credit: Wikipedia commons
The neoliberal and the nationalist will face a runoff in France, checking in on the Bernie and Heath Mello controversy, and listener mail. photo: Wikimedia Commons
Jake Bolton joins us to discuss Theresa May’s call for a snap election in the UK and the broader political context there, John on the looming government shutdown, and David Brooks finds another opportunity to yell at college students.     Photo credit: Twitter (@JakeBolton)
Jesse Myerson is back for JAMJAM Fridays, and John checks in on the multitudes of corruption in the Trump White House.
Melissa Gira Grant is back for MGG Thursdays and we go deep on Ivanka and Lean In feminism. Also, John checks in on North Korea. Photo credit: Twitter (@melissagira)
Fascists and anti-fascists meet in the street in Berkeley, conservatives are losing trust in Trump, and listener mail. Anti-Fascism Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
Dan Edge on his new Frontline documentary Last Days of Solitary, John on the Trump administration’s escalation with North Korea, and Ross Douthat continues to be employed by the New York Times. Photo credit: Twitter (@frontlinepbs)
John explains the bomb called Mother of All Bombs dropped in Afghanistan on Thursday, and the larger implications for the war escalations happening across the Middle East. Also, a look at the new “Raise the Age” bill in New York, and catching up on listener mail.
Jesse Myerson joins us for our inaugural installment of JAMJAM Fridays, talking organizing, the Democrats, and rejecting the nation state. Also, Morning John on Zeynep Tufekci’s book, “Twitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protest.” Photo credit: Twitter (@JAMyerson)
Melissa Gira Grant is back for MGG Thursdays on the United video, the San Bernardino shooting, and the possible downfall of Bill O’Reilly. Also, Morning John on United, Spicer, and the Kansas special election. Photo credit: Twitter (@melissagira)
Truthout’s Mike Ludwig joins us to discuss how Jeff Sessions wants to rewind the drug war back to the 80s, crack down on legalized marijuana, and prevent cannabis as a potential tool in the opioid crisis. Photo credit: Twitter (@ludwig_mike)
Peter Frase joins us to discuss his book Four Futures: Life After Capitalism, and listener mail. Photo credit: Twitter (@pefrase)
The Trump administration has launched missiles into a Syrian air base, Senate Republicans go nuclear on the Gorch, and listener mail. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
A new study finds improved health outcomes for children enrolled in Universal Pre K, John checks in on Bannon, and listener mail.    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
Melissa Gira Grant joins us to discuss “The Destruction of Hillary Clinton,” the prospects for NYC decriminalizing sex work, and the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad. Also, John joins us to discuss the chemical weapons attack in Syria. Photo credit: Twitter (@melissagira)
Ronan Burtenshaw joins us to discuss the upcoming elections in France, the rise of the far right across Europe, and the collapse of the political center. Also, John’s exciting news, and listener mail.    Photo credit: Twitter (@ronanburtenshaw)
John and Molly spend the hour going through everything that happened in the White House in the month of March, from the wiretapping allegations to Devin Nunes to Flynn and back. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
Britney Summit-Gil on the ways the right wing use online spaces, Betsy DeVos wants schools to be like Uber, Flynn says he will testify in exchange for immunity, and listener mail. Britney Summit-Gil Photo credit: Britney Summit-Gil (Twitter)