Checking in on Standing Rock, Trump picks Tom Price for HHS, Trump's latest tweet storm, and checking in on David Clarke, Trump's possible pick for DHS.
Chepe joins us to discuss Fidel Castro's legacy, Trump picks Betsy DeVos for Education secretary, and listener mail. Photo credit: Courtesy of Chepe
The continuing scourge of anti-PC rhetoric, and listener mail.
John's dispatches from a surveillance conference in NYC, and listener mail. Photo: John Knefel
We spend the hour on listener mail
Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss Michael Flynn, a Washington state lawmaker proposed a law that would criminalize protesting as economic terrorism, and listener mail.
Erek Smith on Jeff Sessions, Trump settles the fraud lawsuit against his fake university, the importance of talking about Hamilton, Pence won't rule out waterboarding and Priebus won't rule out a Muslim registry, and listener mail.
Trump picks Sessions for Attorney General and Michael Flynn for National Security Advisor, and listener mail. Photo via Wikimedia
Micah Uetricht on labor's role in the disastrous election, Trump inherits the drone program, and listener mail. Photo courtesy of Micah Uetricht
Education reformers reel after Trump's election, the bad digital law that's ruining the Internet, and listener mail.
Deconstructing the concept of the media bubble, our frustrations with how Iowa gets discussed, and listener mail.
Sarah Jaffe on the Democrat's deadly error, Trump's bizarre 60 minutes interview, and Paul Ryan refers to contraception as a "nitty gritty detail." photo courtesy of Sarah Jaffe
Thoughts on what a male birth control study says about health care, Massachusetts activists fight to keep a trans anti-discrimination law on the books, and listener mail. Photo credit: By ParentingPatch - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
What resistance to Trump might look like, calls to give Trump a chance are misguided, and what the future of the Democratic Party looks like. Trump rally Photo by John Knefel
Trump has won. Photo via Wikimedia by Gage Skidmore
We spend election day sharing memories from the nightmare that was this campaign, and listener mail. Donald Trump Photo credit: Gage Skidmore Via Wikimedia
Comey says no charges against Clinton, a look at Trump-style behavior down ballot, and listener mail. Trump rally Photo credit: John Knefel
A male birth control study goes off the rails early on, and listener mail.
The problems with idealizing women, the need for diversity in cyber security, and the Cubs win the World Series. Molly and Gideon watch Cubs photo: Margot Hanley
Today we spend the hour discussing Lindy West’s memoir, Shrill. Courtesy of Lindy West
A dispatch from Trump's rally in New Hampshire, experts say Trump is a tax cheat, and listener mail.
Police break up the camp at Standing Rock and attack Indigenous people protesting the Dakota pipeline, the Bundy group is acquitted, and Comey throws a wrench in the final days of the election.