The dangers of forgetting the history of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton blames hip hop for a shooting at a concert, and listener mail.
The State Department's Inspector General issues a scathing report on Clinton's private emails, Conservatives worry about a left schism in education reform, and listener mail.
Tech billionaire Peter Thiel secretly financed Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker, John is back from Guantanamo, and a testing company panics after their questions are leaked.
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss the states of the Democratic and Republican campaigns, support of Trump is linked to the fear of death, and listener mail.
Gideon Oliver joins us to discuss a lawsuit regarding NYPD surveillance of the Young Lords in the 60s and 70s, a school community bullies a transgender kindergartener, and listener mail.
The parallels between Trump and abusive partners, a book review of the Blood Telegram, and listener mail.
The GOP begins to fall in line behind Trump, examining the parallels between Trump and abusers, and anxiety around basketball courts in wealthy areas of Brooklyn.
A new documentary explores conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the terrifying thought of Trump controlling the deep state, and listener mail.
A new article examines racism in elite public schools, re-examining the American airstrike on the MSF hospital in Afghanistan, and listener mail.
Janelle Asselin joins us to discuss queer and feminist romance comics, and Donald Trump and women.
Obama issues new guidelines on protections for trans students, and Saudi Arabia's use of cluster bombs in Yemen.
Frontline's Michael Kirk on his documentary the Secret History of ISIS, Syrians worry about a possible Trump presidency, and listener mail.
Clinton releases a plan to cap child care costs, marijuana arrests of people of color are up in Colorado, and listener mail.
The construction of the biological clock, the MORE caucus issues a report on working and learning conditions in NYC schools, and listener mail.
Bronx courts are incredibly slow, the US has sent a small commando team to Yemen, and listener mail.
Is the decision not to vote becoming a legitimate act of protest, Clinton tries to woo Republicans turned off by Trump, and listener mail.
So-called lone wolf terrorists are often in contact with informants, Trump blasts modern hairspray, and listener mail.
The last 30 years of hippie punching is coming home to roost, the terrifying foreign policy implications of a Trump or Clinton presidency, and listener mail.
Trump all but locks up the nomination, Sanders wins in Indiana, and the terrifying implications of the war on terror under Trump or Clinton.
Detroit teachers continue to protest bad school conditions, Judge Scheindlin retires, and protesters storm the Green Zone in Baghdad.
Two Frontline journalists join us to discuss Benghazi and Yemen.
Thoughts on an essay about smug liberals.