Donald Trump’s plans for nuclear proliferation are terrifying, he also doubled down on Corey Lewandowski, and listener mail.
Truthout’s Kelly Hayes joins us to discuss the ouster of Anita Alvarez, our thoughts on the North Carolina anti-trans law, and the FBI cracks the iPhone.
Frontline’s James Jones joins us to discuss his new documentary Saudi Arabia Uncovered, a bird said hi to Bernie Sanders, and listener mail about our new food-mushing app.
Sahar Alsahlani and Arun Kundnani join us for Radio Dispatch Live to discuss Islamophobia in the US and abroad.
The opt out movement continues to grow, Trump retweets an image mocking Heidi Cruz’s appearance, and Clinton’s simplistic plan to defeat ISIS.
Ted Cruz calls to “patrol and secure” Muslim neighborhoods in the aftermath of the bombing in Brussels, Success Academy tries to stop leaks to the press, and listener mail.
Bombings in Istanbul and Belgium, John is back, and listener mail.
Gideon Oliver joins us to discuss his lawsuit over the NYPD’s use of the LRAD sound cannon against protesters, Trump’s campaign manager keeps roughing people up on camera, and listener mail.
A worker from the Trump hotel Las Vegas on the struggle to unionize, Bernie has won more youth votes than Clinton and Trump combined, living your social media politics IRL, and listener mail.
John skypes in from Istanbul, a new study finds hundreds of charters are hyper segregated and overly punitive, the Times borks a Bernie story, and listener mail.
Jeff Abbott joins us to discuss the assassination of Berta Caceres in Honduras. Also, Trump and Hillary on the winners of the third Super Tuesday, and listener mail on voting.
Kristen Gwynne joins us to discuss what’s missing from the national conversation about the heroin crisis, the repercussions of Trump protests, and listener mail.
Trump and his supporters escalate violence against protesters, and listener mail.
Melissa Gira Grant joins us to discuss her recent columns on on feminism and sex work, and listener mail.
Chepe joins us to discuss CIA-backed coups in Latin America, and more thoughts about the Democratic debate.
Sanders wins big in Michigan as Trump hosts an infomercial, a look at how Trump’s bullying is not that different from regular bullying, and Preet Bharara and DOJ fail to indict cop who killed Ramarley Graham.
Trump escalates his crackdown on protesters at his rallies, elite schools in NYC remain segregated but the city signs a progressive bathroom bill, and listener mail.
The various lies politicians tell about Guantanamo, the rise of self-induced abortions, and listener mail.
NYC parents are almost universally satisfied with universal pre-K, Hillary Clinton’s role in the US intervention in Libya, and listener mail.
Ned Resnikoff on how millennials could lean towards fascism, some in GOP start to warm to Trump, and listener mail.
Trump and Clinton win big on Super Tuesday, and listen mail.
30 black students are removed from a Trump rally in Georgia, Tucker Carlson is the leading edge of defending Trump and the KKK, and listener mail.
Donald Trump declines to disavow support from white supremacists and retweets a Mussolini quote, reactions to Chris Rock at The Oscars, and listener mail.