Joe Macare joins us to discuss who is to blame for the Brexit, an attack at the Istanbul airport kills at least 41 people, and listener mail.
Andrea Grimes joins us to discuss the Supreme Court's overturning of anti-abortion laws in Texas, David Brooks has thoughts on the poor, and listener mail.
Jelani Cobb joins us to discuss his new Frontline documentary Policing the Police, and more thoughts on Brexit.
Early reactions to the Brexit, leading Neo-Con Robert Kagan reportedly throws his support behind Hillary Clinton, and listener mail.
Bryce Covert joins us to discuss Hillary Clinton's history on welfare reform, and Democrats stage a sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives.
JW Mason joins us to discuss the Brexit, more school zoning battles in New York City, and the best book about the Syrian revolution.
Trump's campaign has raised virtually no money, the best book so far on the Syrian revolution, and listener mail.
A new study looks at poverty in the United States, the challenges of an aging population at Guantanamo Bay, and listener mail.
US diplomats call for Obama to use military force against Assad, a new lawsuit reveals over a million documents related to NYPD surveillance of the Young Lords and other activists, and listener mail.
Jim Naureckas joins us to discuss coverage of Trump and Clinton, gun control after Orlando, and listener mail.
How do you choose a school in a segregated city, the CIA releases new documents highlighting its brutal torture techniques, and listener mail.
Ali Gharib and Kade Crockford join us to discuss the aftermath of the homophobic shooting in Orlando, and listener mail by someone directly effected.
We spend the hour on the shooting in Orlando.
What lessons will the Democrats learn from the Sanders insurgency, additional thoughts on the Brock Turner case, and listener mail.
Some thoughts on the Democratic primary, and listener mail.
We spend the hour on John's Village Voice story about two young activists preparing to smuggle themselves into northern Syria.
Julia Carrie Wong on the anti Trump protests in San Jose, the story of Brock Turner and the survivor who is speaking out against him, Muhammad Ali was an unapologetic black Muslim, and listener mail.
Marcy Wheeler joins us to discuss how Edward Snowden told the NSA about his concerns before going public, looking at the challenges facing homeless youth in New York City, and the radical politics of Muhammad Ali.  
Anti-Trump protesters throw eggs at Trump supporters in Anaheim, Trump's contempt for the judiciary signals his latent fascism, and listener mail.
William Kristol's fantasy Never Trump campaign continues, Guantanamo prosecutors are worried 9/11 victim family members will die before the case goes to trial, and listener mail.
Looking at the specific trends that have shaped millennials, the US is falling short of its goal to resettle 10,000 Syrians by October, and listener mail.
Matt Aikins and Pardiss Kebriaei join us for Radio Dispatch Live to discuss Yemen, Guantanamo, and 15 years of the war on terror.