Molly does her best at a 2016 year in review that doesn’t make us want to cry, our final Just John installment channels a stoner conversation, and a thank you and happy new year to the listeners. Photo credit: Mindy Tucker
Looking to the future at Guantanamo as Guantanamo refuses to look to its past, and Just John with another history lesson from the Hitler book. Guantanamo Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
At a conservative education conference, Republicans and Democrats celebrate “choice,” and Just John on World War II parallels with the present. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
Just John on the Internet of Things, New York residents are expected to pay for the NYPD to protect Trump Tower, and listener mail from the Midwest. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
John on the future of waterboarding and listener mail on social psychology in the age of Trump. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
It’s our annual visit with special guest the Insecure Chef and a trip down memory lane to a diamond store in Manhattan—it’s the Radio Dispatch Christmas Special. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
Christmas movies and music, and listener mail. Photo credit: By National Telefilm Associates - Screenshot of the movie, Public Domain,
What Trump's energy policy means for global security, and listener mail.
Catching up on listener mail about artificial intelligence.   Photo credit: By Alejandro Zorrilal Cruz -, Public Domain,
Jason Leopold on FOIAing the FBI about Trump, your annual reminder that Elf on the Shelf is a snitch, and listener mail. Photo credit: Jason Leopold (Twitter) Vice: FBI may have also been investigating Trump
Melissa Gira Grant on the anti-loitering law that police use to profile and arrest marginalized women in NYC, Republicans want to repeal and delay the ACA, and listener mail. Photo credit: Melissa Gira Grant (Twitter)
David Banks on the shortcomings of science on NPR's podcasts, and listener mail. David Banks Photo courtesy of David Banks
Mike Konczal on what Democrats can learn from Trump’s Win, Bernie’s town hall in Wisconsin   Photo courtesy of Mike Konczal
Trying to figure out the CIA-Russia-FBI stuff, and listener mail.
Sharda Sekaran on the drug policy victories from election night and the future of reform under Trump, we skype with John from Guantanamo, and Ohio passes a six week abortion ban. Photo Credit: Sharda Sekaran (Twitter)
Chepe on how to fight fascism, and listener mail on anxiety after Trump. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons
Chase Madar on the legacy of Chelsea Manning and her fight for justice for trans prisoners, updates from the 9/11 trial at Guantanamo Bay, and NYC Republicans try to turn the city’s municipal ID program against immigrants. Chase Madar Photo Credit: Chase Madar (Twitter)   Washington Post: Keith Ellison isn’t an anti-Semite. He’s the victim of a vicious smear. NY Magazine:What Happens to New York’s Municipal ID Card Under the Trump Administration? Gothamist: Republicans Sue In Effort To Stop City From Destroying IDNYC Records    
John checks in from the 9/11 trial at Guantanamo Bay, a victory in Standing Rock, and listener mail. photo: Wikipedia Commons
Jesse Myerson on what’s next for organizing, what’s next for the Democratic party, and why Keith Ellison should be the next DNC chair.
What the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki could mean under Trump, James Mattis gets the nod for Secretary of Defense, and listener mail. photo: Muhammad ud-Deen via Wikimedia Commons    
Alexis Goldstein on Steven Mnuchin, sanctuary cities versus the federal government, and Trump's Carrier propaganda is a vision of things to come.
Trump picks Steve Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary, Manhattan liberals still love neocons, and listener mail. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore