The worst parts of Gov Cuomo’s school budget have been deflected or delayed, how to respond to the Indiana law that could permit discriminating against gay people, and listener mail.
Sarah Jaffe joins us to discuss the differences between politics and feelings, Yemen draws ever closer to a proxy war, and listener mail.
Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion by the US military, a sportswriter with a history of domestic abuse is hired by a San Francisco paper, and listener mail.
An outrageous Hollywood magazine questions whether too many actors of color are getting cast, David Brooks’ not so subtle war mongering against Iran, and listener mail.
Pardiss Kebriaei joins us to discuss her story on two Guantanamo detainee’s lives after leaving the prison, the FBI is up to the same old entrapment tactics, and listener mail.
The US pulls all its people out of Yemen as the security situation deteriorates, the Jinx is a totally wild documentary, and listener mail about tombstones.
Bill de Blasio unveils a new plan to subject NYC schools to the controversial compstat program, and David Petraeus continues to promote the myth of the surge.
Starbucks wants baristas to help solve racism, the French government is attempting to block websites that promote terrorism, and listener mail.
Parker Molloy joins us to discuss badly named make-up and trans-exclusive all women’s colleges, Benjamin Netanyahu’s ugly win in Israel, and students says adults just don’t get it.
Perpetual war is unlikely to end and we need to find ways to reign it in anyway, parent fundraising at wealthy public schools, and listener mail.
Emanuel Sferios on MDMA the movie, protests in NYC around Cuomo’s education agenda, and listener mail.
Does native advertising mean the death of outrage, Congress debates whether to authorize a 7-month-old war, and listener mail.
Hillary Clinton admits to deleting 30,000 emails from her private email system, the politics of media outlets publishing mugshots, and listener mail.
Morning Joe hosts blame rappers for racist frat boy chants, Lindy West’s column on how frats perpetuate male domination, and continuing fallout from Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran.
Ali Gharib joins us to discuss Senator Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran, The Intercept reveals the CIA is attempting to break Apple’s encryption, and David Brooks has some advice for poors.
Obama celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Selma march, thoughts on International Women’s Day, and listener mail.
The Department of Justice issues a scathing report on the Ferguson Police Department, examining Hillary Clinton’s email problems, and feminism in the classroom.
Elissa Eisenberg on how Gov Cuomo’s teacher evaluation system will hurt students, Molly’s new essay on growing up and growing old on the Internet, and listener mail.
Jamil Smith joins us to discuss his latest article on how newspapers do or don’t cover race, former general David Petraeus pleads guilty to one misdemeanor count of mishandling classified information, and listener mail about SIM cards.
Laura Hanna joins us to discuss a new student debt strike, old and new abuses at Attica prison, and listener mail.
Joel Handley joins us to discuss how Chicago police are using license plate readers and cell phone trackers, attempting to explain the Gemalto SIM card heist, and listener mail.
On today’s Radio Dispatch, we spend the hour with ONE PERSON, for the first time in our live show history. Rick Perlstein is the author of 3 literally epic books about Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan, so get your puke buckets ready. We’ll also talk about yesterday’s election in Chicago, the Battering Rahm, and why Emmanuel’s game may be faltering.