Snowden goes on prime time TV to tell his side of the story, and a Daily Beast piece lays out the problems with young male nerd-dom.
Welcome to Radio Dispatch Live! On tonight’s show, the red menace is alive and well as long as you’re talking to Chepe and Jesse Myerson. Two years ago, we spent an hour talking about communism with these two, and we’ve been thinking about it ever since. We’re calling tonight Communism Part Two, because there’s always more red to be scared about.
We discuss the mass shooting at UC Santa Barbara, the misogyny that drove it, and the various reactions throughout the media.
We revisit the amazing interview we conducted with Todd Miller on border security and militarization, there have been almost no substantial changes in drone policy since Obama’s speech one year ago, and listener mail.
A New York Times book review offers a staggeringly simplistic view of leaks and whistleblowers, an update on Javier Payne, and a Gothamist reporter is kicked out of the 9/11 Museum after asking a single question.
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds a baffling hearing on the AUMF and the president’s powers to use military force, the Drag Race controversy comes full circle, and listener mail and listener art.
A recent spike in police violence, NYC is a heroin trafficking hub, and listener mail.
Kids are being tried in kangaroo courts without lawyers to represent them, the FBI director says terrorism should still be main focus, and listener mail.
John’s big story on heroin use and harm reduction, and Cecily McMillan gets sentenced to 90 days jail and five years probation.
Sheila Bapat joins us to discuss her book on the struggle for domestic workers’ rights, a new poll shows some Americans support gruesome death penalty methods, and a ton of listener mail.
Jill Abramson is unceremoniously ousted from the New York Times, Manning’s lawyer says she shouldn’t be transferred to civilian prison, and listener mail.
Something called cut-off culture makes a dude super upset, Glenn Greenwald’s new NSA book drops, and Chelsea Manning may be transferred to a civilian prison for hormone replacement therapy. Also, listener mail and checking in on Molly’s students’ play.
Michael Kirk, the director of the new Frontline documentary The United States of Secrets joins us to discuss mass surveillance since 9/11. Also, the failing case against Blackwater contractors allegedly involved in the Nissour Square shooting, and listener mail.
Concita Wurst wins Eurovision and becomes the Queen of Europe, the NYPD is recruiting Muslim prisoners to be informants, and listener mail.
Nine of the jurors in Cecily McMillan’s call for leniency in sentencing, revisiting the shaming of Monica Lewinsky, and Obama’s administration further clamps down on leaks.
Climate change may mean no salt water fish by 2048, alleged Boston bomber’s lawyers seek to suppress hospital statements, and battling the PC police with an army of morons.
Wading into the story on kidnapped young women in Nigeria, the Daily Show’s tepid coverage of the Cecily McMillan verdict, and jurors who don’t know that felonies land people in prison.
Occupy activist Cecily McMillan is found guilty of second degree assault of a police officer, a lawyer involved in drafting the Awlaki memo faces hurdles in nomination to appeals court, and a likely secret CIA depot is discovered in Texas.
Time magazine publishes freshman essay on privilege, FoxNews is sad about lady breadwinners, and a book party for the newly released Essential Ellen Willis.
Cops in Maryland plan to live tweet a sex work sting, cops in New York City are arresting subway break dancers at increased rates, and Louis CK continues slamming the common core.
Afghan opium production is at an all-time high, teachers in NYC will refuse to administer a standardized state test, and Molly’s phone played a trick on her.
An Oklahoma man dies of a heart attack after prison authorities botch the execution, DOE says Title 9 protections extend to trans and gender non-conforming students, and a US security company’s massive profits in Afghanistan.