Hina Shamsi joins us to discuss the Awlaki memo and a recent court victory regarding the No Fly List, the Supreme Court dismantles the buffer zone around Massachusetts abortion clinics, and Obama asks for $500 in aid to so-called vetted Syrian rebels.
On tonight’s show, Kristen Gwynne and Sharda Sekaran join us to discuss all things drugs– the war, legalization, decriminalization, harm reduction, Colorado, and hopefully Maureen Dowd’s green corduroy pants. Also, we’ve got thoughts on Robin Thicke, and Molly just finished her 5th year teaching in the Bronx.
Divesting from privilege should be a painful experience, how the common core supports capitalism, and updates on Iraq.
Marcy Wheeler joins us to discuss the recently released memo justifying the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, critiquing the critiques of George Will, and listener mail.
Examining the New York Times’ mediocre coverage of charter schools, thoughts on why neocons still play such a prominent role in the US media, and listener mail.
President Obama addresses the country on the situation in Iraq, the Central Park Five settle their case for $40 million, and listener mail.
Ali Gharib joins us to discuss the developments in Iraq, a book party for the new Michael Hastings’ novel, and listener mail.
Chelsea Manning Support Network organizer Emma Cape joins us to discuss Manning’s New York Times Op-Ed, the disastrous effects of the “Salvador Option” in Iraq, and listener mail.
Drone strikes resume in Pakistan and continue in Yemen, how gentrifying Brooklyn could change juries, and listener mail.
ISIS militant’s claim they carried out a massacre in northern Iraq, Chelsea Manning writes an op-ed in the New York Times, and a massive police raid in Harlem.
Militants seize land in northern Iraq, and Chris Hedges is accused of plagiarism.
Hagel defends the Bergdahl trade, the ethics of sourcing sensitive material, and initial thoughts on Michael Hastings’ new novel.
Katie Klabusich on the latest Washington Post article claiming marriage ends violence against women, there have been at least 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook, a little bit on the Eric Cantor ouster, and listener mail.
Part Two of our interview with Parker Marie Molloy, George Will is a human garbage pile, the New York Times condemns solitary confinement for children, and the “Ladies Who Lunch” trend piece saga continues.
The New Orleans school system has been almost entirely taken over by charters, a year of Snowden, and listener mail.
Parker Marie Malloy joins us to discuss the Time magazine cover and fighting transphobic language, and we talk about the myths about the Bergdahl swap that won’t go away.
Matt Farwell joins us to discuss the prisoner swap of Bowe Bergdahl and five Taliban figures, Maureen Dowd gets way too high, and listener mail.
A trans woman and her mother join us to discuss crowd-funding gender confirmation surgery, the Chicago Sun Times retracts an NRO opinion piece it ran, and the Justice for Jane movement.
The Obama administration swaps five Guantanamo detainees for American POW Bowe Berghdahl, and Andrews Sullivan’s mediocre attempt to engage with trans activists.
Frank Bruni would like all of you to shut up please and thanks, and Patton Oswalt quits Twitter after tweeting a horrible tweet.
Melissa Gira Grant joins us to discuss Somaly Mam and the savior fantasy industry, and Jezebel lurks in a PUA hate forum.