We celebrate the end of the year by revisiting part 2 of our Four Year Anniversary show, with special guests Natasha Lennard, Kade Crockford, and Ali Gharib. Also: listener mail!
We ease you out of 2014 by re-airing part 1 of our four year anniversary show, with the amazing guests Melissa Gira Grant, Mychal Denzel Smith, and Chepe.
We revisit an interview with Jesse Myerson from his trip to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, and read a lot of listener mail.
We revisit an amazing interview with Kiera Feldman about sexual assault and rape at God's Harvard, and get to a bunch of listener mail.
We revisit one of our favorite interviews of all time, with Fanny Faye, the Insecure Chef. Also: a re-reading of two scenes from Hack My Heart.
We play two of our favorite segments of all time, one is a piece about John's temp job at Cartier around Christmas time, and the other is a story about our friend proposing to his wife for a second time.
We re-air a recent interview with Todd Miller about his new book Border Patrol Nation. Also: listener mail!
We revisit an amazing interview with Mariame Kaba on the militarization of police, the politics of Elf on a Shelf, and listener mail.
The US begins normalizing diplomatic relations with Cuba, US officials claim North Korea was behind the Sony hack, New York state bans fracking, the NYC police union has harsh words for Mayor Bill de Blasio, and a Missouri lawmaker proposed a bill that would require a woman to get a man's signature prior to getting an abortion.
A producer of a new Frontline documentary joins us to discuss the juvenile criminal system, Pakistan responds to a horrific school shooting carried about by the Pakistani Taliban, and an NYPD officer approvingly tweets out Jack Nicholson's speech from A Few Good Men.
Two new polls show broad support for torture among Americans, a protester is accused of violence on the Brooklyn Bridge, and historically all-women colleges review their gender policies regarding trans students.
Alexis Goldstein joins us to discuss how the recently passed spending bill weakens Wall Street regulations, Dick Cheney takes to Meet The Press to defend Bush-era torture methods, and tens of thousands turn out in several US cities to protest the killing of unarmed black people by cops.
CIA director John Brennan defended the agency and dodged questions about torture at a press conference, bringing black girls into the discussion about school discipline, and listener mail.
A Guantanamo Bay attorney speaks out about the new details of his client's torture, continuing fallout from the Senate torture report, and an oversight of ours on the Rolling Stone UVA story.
Marcy Wheeler joins us to discuss the Senate Intelligence committee's torture report, and we spend the rest of the hour on the reports findings and implications.
Raven Rakia joins us to discuss the non-indictment in the Eric Garner case, as well as the continuing protests around the country. Also, initial thoughts on the torture report, and listener mail.
Continuing fall-out in the Rolling Stone UVA case, the Pentagon transfers six Guantanamo prisoners to Uruguay, and protests continue over Eric Garner's death by the NYPD.
Protesters march through streets in numerous cities nationwide following the lack of indictment in the killing of Eric Garner, new details emerge about the killing of Akai Gurley by a rookie NYPD officer, and listener mail.
We spend the hour on the grand jury's refusal to return an indictment against the Staten Island officer in the killing of Eric Garner.
Ashton Carter is the likely to be the next Secretary of Defense, the media goes after Rolling Stone's UVA story, and listener mail and tweets.
An anonymous NYPD official acknowledges the counterterrorism unit spied on Ferguson solidarity protesters, a complicated first amendment and online harassment case goes before the Supreme Court, and Obama announces mild police reforms.
New video evidence in the Tamir Rice shooting by police contradicts the official story, a UN panel excoriates US practices at Guantanamo and in domestic prisons, and comparing the X-Files to Homeland.
Washington stalls on demilitarization of the police, and a bunch of listener mail.