Welcome to Radio Dispatch Live! On tonight's show, Alexis Goldstein and Mike Konczal join us to discuss who's got all our money and why they won't give it back, the state of financial reform, and what will happen if Ted Cruz shuts down the government. Also, one woman is making three hundred sandwiches in order to get her staticky-haired boyfriend to marry her, and Radio Dispatch is on it.
An NPR producer is detained while crossing the border from Canada to the US, a terrorism case in New York fails in its entrapment appeal, and listener mail about beans.
Jonathan Horowitz joins us to discuss the relationship between the FBI and Kenya's security forces, Donald Sachtleben pleads guilty in the AP leak case, and listener mail. Find us on Stitcher, or at 00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:28 Speed listening 13:52 Jonathan Horowitz on the Nairobi attack 23:41 More on Naibrobi, the strange AP leak case 48:41 Listener mail on Starbucks and guns 58:33 “Americareful” Atmosphere / Credits 59:40 Finish Donald Sachtleben Nairobi Shooting Listener Mail
Al Shabaab forces kill nearly 70 people in a mall in Nairobi, the New York Times discovered Bill de Blasio used to be against apartheid, and a bunch of listener mail.
Re-thinking the working and playing relationships between adults and kids, watching two film strips from decades ago, and listener mail on Breaking Bad.
Starbucks requests that customers not bring guns into the coffee shop, Tom Friedman sees someone with pink hair and writes some words about it, and listener mail on Breaking Bad.
The second anniversary of Occupy, a new report details the FBI's increased domestic surveillance following 9/11, and listener mail.
The US government continues to hold around 60 detainees at the prison at Bagram in Afghanistan, and some pushback listener mail.
Alex Abdo of the ACLU on the most recent NSA disclosures, Molly's piece in Rolling Stone about the criminalization of students, and Putin is in the NYT op-ed pages.
Bill de Blasio comes in first in the New York City Democratic primary, President Obama's speech on Syria, and we want to come speak at your college.
Rania Khalek on the non-violent elements that make up resistance in Syria, George Zimmerman's soon-to-be-ex-wife calls 911 on him, and catching up on listener mail.
John's back from Poland, US action in Syria remains as unclear as ever, and Bloomberg's dismal goodbye interview.
Jamie Kilstein on facing and writing about his alcoholism and eating disorder, Michelle Alexander addresses drone warfare & NSA spying, & police brutality against a man with Down Syndrome.
The New York Times has discovered that women eat lunch, a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Syria, and all sorts of listener mail.
Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo on their new book, Enemies Within: Inside the NYPD's Secret Spying Unit and bin Laden's Final Plot Against America. Also, two terrible pieces at the Washington Post about sexual assault, revolutionary Arab leftists on Syria, and more listener mail.
It's time for another Radio Dispatch live! Our guests and Nelini Stamp from the Working Families Party and the Dream Defenders, and Greg Basta from New York Communities for Change. We're discussing organizing, Trayvon's law, and oversight of the NYPD.
Listener mail adds to and continues our conversations on Syria and Manning and cultural appropriation, and John is about to be away for a week.