We spend the hour on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) in education, and whether or not there is a shortage in the labor market. Today is maybe our most listener-driven show ever.
A Pakistani man traveled with his children to the US to tell the story of the drone strike that killed his mother, the case of Coy Mathis, and listener mail on the problem with the phrase “special needs.”
The anti-surveillance rally in Washington, DC, Jinx Monsoon's off-Broadway show is amazing, and listener mail on misdiagnosis based on gender and / or sexuality.
Private surveillance companies are marketing their products to cops as a way to monitor dissent, Nick Kristof thinks he's a cop, and listener mail.
The White House downplays two human rights groups reports saying US drone strikes violate international law, the Daily Caller's totally original take on angry feminists, and listener mail about ableism and gender.
How the school system fails to support special ed kids, rewarding investors who don't finance nuclear weapons production, and a bunch of listener mail.
Two human rights groups issue scathing reports on the US drone programs in Pakistan and Yemen, misrepresentation of a school that allows trans* kids to use preferred locker rooms, and listeners weigh in on Kanye West and anti-intellectualism.
Edward Snowden says there is no way Russian or Chinese spies got any of his documents, and listener mail on technology, engineering, and maybe more dating stuff.
Alexis Goldstein joins us to discuss the problems with members of Congress owning stock and trading on positions they can influence, the manufactured crisis of the debt ceiling looms, and Dear Prudence at Slate gets real victim blame-y.
The NSA is bulk collecting the contacts and buddy lists of as many as 250 million Americans annually, Esquire's mediocre politics survey, a science writer is called a whore for not writing for free, and we went apple picking and it was glorious.
Kanye West goes on Jimmy Kimmel and it's amazing, and listener mail about dating feminists and re-watching the X-files.
Ryan Goodman joins us to discuss the capture and detention of Abu Anas al-Libi, and our thoughts on the undercover officer who infiltrated Occupy and followed both of us on Twitter.
Why the corporate reform movement is so bad for education, updates on Guantanamo, and listener mail on dating.
Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah joins us to discuss the career of Dave Chappelle and his abrupt departure from the spotlight, and why feminism doesn't need a rebranding.
Deirdre Lally joins us to discuss efforts to stop fracking in the Marcellus Shale, the US conducts two raids in Africa, and listener mail on dating a feminist.
More details on how the shutdown and sequestration are effecting Headstart, bad initial reporting on the shooting on Capitol Hill, and listener mail about dating a vegan.
The government shutdown continues, leaving thousands without necessary government services and as many as one million government employees furloughed. Also, an interview with the Prison Yoga Project of New York.
The NSA is making sophisticated graphs of your social interactions, and dating a feminist: is it necessary for a good relationship?
Ayesha Siddiqi on the Kimmel and Kanye controversy, and some non-spoiler-y thoughts on the end of Breaking Bad about masculinity, late capitalism, and the suburbs.