Today's show is a re-airing of a recent Radio Dispatch LIVE that focused on the economy. Our wonderful guests are Alexis Goldstein and Mike Konczal.
Today we re-air two of our favorite recent interviews, Ned Resnikoff on the hunger crisis in the United States, and Jesse Myerson on his clowning trip to a Syrian refugee camp. Happy turkey day everyone.
We spend the hour on Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being, including listener mail and future discussion questions we want to return to.
On tonight's show, Sarah Jaffe and Josh Eidelson join us to tell us all about labor. From Walmart to McDonalds to college athletes to tiny kindergarteners taking tests, they're here to catch you up on all the important organizing, striking, and resisting. Also, Radio Dispatch is writing an action sci fi romance Christmas movie called Hack My Heart, the story of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.
Natasha Lennard joins us to discuss the underlying dynamics of Jeremy Hammond's sentence. Also, the politics of selfies, and how language evolves.
A New York Times' op-ed columnist makes incorrect distinctions between marriage equality and other political issues, John went to a weird security conference at the Javits center, and a new listener-supplied scene for Hack My Heart.
Another listener-provided Hack My Heart scene, an Albuquerque ballot initiative to restrict choice fails, and the loosening of Guantanamo transfer restrictions may be gaining momentum in Congress.
A New York Times story purports to explain slut-shaming by blaming women, an anonymous US officials confirms a child was killed in Yemen in a drone strike in June, and listener mail about the Drag Out Hate rally.
Jeremy Hammond given maximum sentence by a federal judge, two listener supplied stories about civil disobedience, and the script of Hack My Heart starts coming together.
Stories on autism advocacy, the difficulties of covering Guantanamo as a journalist, and a bunch of listener mail.
Lily Allen tweets at Suzanne Moore about being criticized, thoughts on a lecture on privacy, and the first scene of Hack My Heart – which also has a tag line.
A North Carolina man has been arrested for attempting to join al-Nusra, Dave Weigel minimizes the Cohen column and uses problematic language himself, and Lily Allen's new video has some pretty blatant cultural appropriation.
Ali Gharib joins us to discuss the latest Iran nuclear negotiations, some thoughts on the NFL abuse scandal, and Richard Cohen is terrible.
Thoughts on the discussion between bell hooks and Melissa Harris Perry, the Renisha McBride tragedy, and a typhoon devastates the Philippines.
James Connell, an attorney in the 9/11 case at Guantanamo, joins us to discuss a major ruling by the war court judge. Also, the school-to-prison pipeline effects youth of color disproportionately.
Molly attended a talk with bell hooks and Eve Ensler, more thoughts on the Ray Kelly shout-down, and listener mail on the Lou Reed Prague connection.
Ned Resnikoff on the United States' new hunger crisis, a discussion on gender being more than performance, and listener mail.
Andrea Grimes joins us to discuss court rulings in Texas, Oklahoma, and the future of reproductive rights in the United States. Also, the homeless-shelter industrial complex, and listener mail about gender performance.
NSA defenders are given free rein on CBS's Face the Nation, a new report says doctors participated in torture following 9/11, and tons of listener mail.
Jesse Myerson joins us to discuss his recent trip to Syrian refugee camps in Jordan as part of Patch Adams' clown-doctor troop, an appeals court stops the stop and frisk ruling, and more listener mail on being misdiagnosed due to gender and / or sexuality.