Jeremy Hammond pleads guilty to Stratfor hack, faces up to 10 years in prison and potential restitution costs of 2.5 million dollars. Also, Molly thinks that air travel foreshadows a horrible future on an even further stratified society. Also, listener mail.
It's Radio Dispatch LIVE! Our guests on today's show are Maysoon Zayid, Anna Lekas Miller, and Ali Gharib, and our topic for the show is Palestine.
Glenn Greenwald joins us to discuss President Obama's latest speech, the DOJ's war on journalism, and the effects of constant surveillance in the United States. Also, what Obama's speech means for Guantanamo.
**ENCORE EPISODE - Originally Aired April 22, 2013** Lauren Hennessy joins us to discuss trans identity politics. Also, the media continues to fail in its coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing, and the explosion in West Texas.
TF Charlton joins us to discuss how black women are reduced to cultural memes, the scrutiny of Beyonce, and how sisterhood gets used in feminist discourse. Also, more on the protest outside the DOJ, and listener mail.
Homeowners stage acts of civil disobedience outside the DOJ calling for the prosecution of bankers. Also, DOE reforms facilitate special ed entry into selective NYC schools. And listener mail.
MSNBC's Meredith Clark joins us to discuss the epidemic levels of sexual assault in the military, and what people are doing or not doing to address the issue. Also, a new development in Obama's war on journalism, and the clear silencing message that comes through when women write about gender.
Marcy Wheeler joins us to discuss the DOJ/AP story, the on-going war on terror, and the continuing embarrassment of Guantanamo Bay. Also, military sexual assault continues at epidemic levels.
More on the DOJ's seizing of two months of AP phone records, a new study says children are the poorest group in the United States, and listener mail.
The ACLU's Kade Crockford on what the Boston bombing tells us about militarized police, and the broader state of surveillance in the United States. Also, the DOJ seizes two months of the Associated Press' phone records, and listener mail. Find us on Stitcher, or at 00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:28 This thing keeps going 14:25 Kade Crockford on liberties and surveillance 32:58 AP and DOJ fiasco 59:59 “Real Good Men” Emilyn Brodsky 61:23 Finish Kade Crockford Stand Up Comedy
Maurice Pianko of Intern Justice joins us to discuss the effects that free labor has throughout the economy. Also, the intersection of the drone program and stop and frisk, and force feeding at Guantanamo and reproductive rights.
The Wall Street Journal's Jess Bravin joins us to discuss his new book The Terror Courts: Rough Justice at Guantanamo Bay. Also, connecting the dots between exceptional violence and normalized violence.
On today's show, final thoughts on the latest comedy controversy, and catching up on tons of listener mail.
Another controversy about jokes about violence against women engulfs the comedy community. We spend the hour on what happened, and why pushing back against cultural misogyny is important.
Striving for sisterhood while encouraging and embracing criticism, and a flawed theory of how people become terrorists refuses to die.
Obama's awful policy on Plan B, Bloomberg and Kelly on stop and frisk, and listener mail, including an update on Lavonte Douglas.
Porn Star Stoya joins us to discuss street harassment and the politics of porn. Also, how zero tolerance criminalizes the youth, and some thoughts on lethal autonomous robots. Find us on Stitcher, or at 00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:28 Molly's students 11:20 Stoya on street harassment and porn 22:28 chemistry arrest in FL 50:00 LAR 59:22 “Yoshimi battles the pink robots” Flaming Lips / Credits 60:42 Finish Stoya Protesting US Drones Drone
We spend the hour on gender, whether it is innate, constructed, both, or neither. We may also get to some other listener mail too.