Trans* listener mail, selfie-shaming, and three prison-breaks in the Middle East.
Reza Aslan's appearance on Fox News goes viral, as do Don Lemon's remarks on race, and a response to Questlove.
It's Radio Dispatch Live! Melissa Gira Grant and Michelle Chen join us to discuss civil rights, labor issues, and the cultural stigma around sex work.
Sixty men are being indefinitely detained by the US at Bagram prison, an update on yesterday's discussion of being trans* in the military, and listener mail. Always listener mail.
Trans* exclusionary feminism, indefinite detention at Bagram prison in Afghanistan, and listeners fix each other's lives.
Obama's statement on Trayvon Martin and the state of race in the United States, and we finally get to MHP's letter to Edward Snowden.
Rolling Stone's amazing profile of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the irresponsible calls to boycott the magazine. Also, a ton of listener mail.
Black youth in America aren't allowed to have a childhood, and Richard Cohen is just as racist now as he was in 1986. Also, the New York Times found out about women in college having sex and blames them for sexual assault.
Continuing thoughts on the George Zimmerman verdict, Rachel Jeantel and a juror speak to the media, and Richard Cohen writes a column about how black people are scary.
Mychal Denzel Smith joins us to discuss the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, and a re-cap of the Trayvon Martin march and rally in New York City.
We spend the hour on Michelle Alexander's groundbreaking book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. Sit back and enjoy our second Radio Dispatch book club.
More on James Comey's confirmation hearing, gay is not the new black, and listener mail. And Molly explains Growing Pains to John, kind of.
A hunger strike begins in Pelican Bay prison in California, reports surface of force sterilizations in California prisons, and James Comey goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee as nominee to head the FBI. And mail from a 13-year-old listener.
A twitter dude tries to lecture Molly on appropriate feminist tactics, a great piece in Salon called What Men Want America Delivers, and a secret court is creating secret laws that allow for massive amounts of surveillance.
Today, we spend the hour on listener mail, including some heavy personal stuff.
Today we re-air our Radio Dispatch Live show featuring a discussion on Palestine, because really that's the best way to celebrate the 4th of July. Our guests are Maysoon Zaid, Ali Gharib, and Anna Lekas Miller.
Nima Shirazi joins us to discuss the recent election in Iran and how the Western media got it so wrong. Also, how do the laws of war apply to cyberspace, and continuing to chip away at listener mail.
Jessica Luther joins us to discuss the lead up to Wendy Davis' historic filibuster, and what to expect from Texas' next special section. Also, thoughts on afterschool and some fantastic listener mail about biases in journalism.
It's Radio Dispatch live! Our guests are Center for Constitutional Rights attorney Sunita Patel and journalist Ryan Devereaux, and we spend the hour on the historic Stop and Frisk trial.