On today's show, we re-air two interviews with some of our favorite authors: Baratunde Thurston talks about his memoir How to Be Black, and Trevor Aaronson discusses The Terror Factory.
We re-air our hour-long discussion on communism, with Jesse Myerson and friend-of-the-show Chepe.
During this magic time between Christmas and New Years', we revisit three of our favorite recent interviews: Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah on Dave Chappelle, Rania Khalek on peace activists in Syria, and the ACLU's Alexander Abdo on the NSA.
It's Radio Dispatch Live! Melissa Gira Grant and Michelle Chen join us to discuss civil rights, labor issues, and the cultural stigma around sex work.
We re-air our hour-long discussion on bell hooks' amazing book Feminism is for Everybody.
On today's show, we re-air some of our favorites, including a marriage proposal you'll never forget, a short story about dog split in two, and Molly's essay about being a balloon salesperson.
On today's show, we re-air some of our favorites, including a marriage proposal you'll never forget, a short story about dog split in two, and Molly's essay about being a balloon salesperson.
Mike Konczal joins us to give us a look back at 2013 from an economics perspective, John's last check in from his week at Guantanamo, and the culmination of Molly's Year In Review Week venture.
Our third call with John from Guantanamo Bay, 1 in 7 children is receiving a diagnosis of ADHD, listener mail, and Radio Dispatch Year In Review.
Another check in with John at Guantanamo Bay, a year-in-review of the prison industrial complex, listener mail, and new Radio Dispatch Correspondent names.
John skypes in from Guantanamo, Molly witnessed some seriously blatant racial profiling, and listener mail revisiting our conversation about gender as construction (or not). AND! Molly has decided to spend this week doing a Year in Review, deciding our scoocher favorites and least favorites from 2013.
John's off to Guantanamo, Apuzzo and Goldman break a huge story about a US spy that was captured by Iran, and more listener mail about patriotism.
Shakina Nayfack joins us to discuss her project to crowdfund her gender confirmation surgery, a revenge pornographer gets charged with 31 felony counts, and Fox News wants you to know that Santa and Jesus are white.
Meredith Clark joins us to discuss the changes to how the military will handle reports of sexual assault, Guantanamo NDAA changes, and listener mail about being called anti-Semitic.
Aaron Bady on the coverage of the death of Nelson Mandela, NSA basically played a lot of online video games, and listener mail on patriotism.
Thoughts on smarm, bigotry, and the English language, and ice skating.
Ryan Deveraux joins us to discuss Bill de Blasio's appointment of Bill Bratton to police commissioner, two Algerians are sent home from Guantanamo against their will, and a ton of listener mail.
Friend-of-the-show Chepe joins us to discuss political organizing in Brazil, the NSA is tracking about 5 billion cell phone locations every day, and Bill Bratton is the next NYPD commissioner.
The Guardian's editor in chief is brought before a parliament select committee and asked whether he loved his country, our science correspondent looks at the data behind the “women are mean” NYT piece, and more listener mail.
Six detainees are sent from Bagram to Pakistan, Greenwald and Ames go at it about the big new media venture, and some sweet listener mail.
Mychal Denzel Smith joins us to discuss the twitterstorm the RNC started when it claimed Rosa Parks helped end racism, the NSA is spying on some people's porn habits, and more scenes from Hack My Heart.
On today's show we re-air two amazing recent interviews: Ayesha Siddiqi talks about the Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel feud, and Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman join us to discuss Enemies Within, their new book on the NYPD's spying programs. Also, a new Hack My Heart scene.