Right-wing critics misrepresent Chris Hayes' fairly mild statements, Obama labels all military-age males in a drone strike zone as militants, collateral damage in the NATO 3 arrest. Also, Bloomberg's budget would leave 47,000 children without after school and childcare programs.
The climate of repression at the No NATO protests in Chicago, the mainstream media mindlessly praises the Chicago Police Department, and the Chicago Tribune is trying to shut down the website of the Occupied Chicago Tribune.
Our No NATO coverage continues, as we re-cap Saturday's anti-capitalism march, the Sunday Melee, the temporary detention of Tim Pool & Luke Rudowski, and what we know so far about the NATO 3.
Days 3 and 4 of the No NATO protests, including the full ceremony of over 40 veterans returning their War on Terror medals by ripping them from their uniforms and hurling them towards the building where NATO delegates were meeting. Also, audio of members of Afghans for Peace, who shared the stage with the Vets, and our report on a march on Rahm Emanuel's Chicago home.
Days 1 and 2 of the No NATO protest in Chicago. We take you through anti-drone actions, environmentalist actions, and an hours long unpermitted march through the streets of downtown Chicago. Also, the police preemptively arrest activists associated with Occupy Chicago before the protest even starts.
Occupy Wall St celebrates the one-year anniversary of the Indignados movement in Spain, the New York Times engages in rampant transphobia and the language of victim blaming, and even the best coverage of the JPMorgan fiasco misses the larger context. Also, Molly took jiu-jitsu and we're going to Chicago tomorrow.
Hospitals in the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn are facing possible shut downs, and Radio Dispatch is there to cover the story. Also, more on JP Morgan Chase's 2 billion mistake, and the RNC chair can't keep his party's discriminatory policies straight.
Obama's comes out in favor of gay marriage, JP Morgan Chase's bad bet, and MSNBC's lackluster Iran coverage. Also, Twitter sides with Occupy, and a Florida woman gets 20 years for firing a gun in the air.
Joe Sutton joins us to discuss Occupied Stories, a website that collects and posts first-person narratives from Occupies all over the world. Plus, Tom Gabel of Against Me! will begin living as a woman, the Stop and Frisk numbers are in, Amendment 1 passes in North Carolina, and David Brooks pretends to write about the economy.
Occupy marches to Attorney General Eric Schniederman's office to offer help to his Securities Fraud Task Force, and Radio Dispatch takes you through the entire action. Also, it's Teacher Appreciation Week, sometimes in Florida Stand Your Ground doesn't apply, and John is fostering 15 day old kittens.
When the mainstream media ignores Occupy, they ignore the issues that Occupy seeks to highlight. Also, Minneapolis cops get activists high, New York cops break a woman's wrist and grope her, and Radio Dispatch's own John Knefel explains the conspiracy charges against Bloomberg, the NYPD, and JP Morgan Chase.
May Day in New York City was a huge success. On today's show, we take you through the entire day, from 8AM in Bryant Park to midnight in Liberty Square, with marches, pickets, and songs along the way.
Occupy Wall Street brings a federal law suit against the NYPD and Radio Dispatch's own John Knefel is a plaintiff, prominent liberals celebrate Obama as a Warrior President, and the problem with hipster racism. Also, more listeners respond to our show on privilege.