Chloe Angyal joins us to discuss her tumblr Men Who Trust Women, and a round up of the last two months of the war on women. Plus, Occupy-related groups open up subway stops as apart of a fare strike, and Molly's new essay about why men should be feminists. Also, listener mail!
What does Trayvon Martin have to do with bailing out Bank of America, This American Life's leaves out union voices, and suggestions for doctors to protest the transvaginal probing procedure.
Natasha Lennard on the Million Hoodies March, Lech Harris on the destructive logic of capitalism, and a list of all the states with awful women's rights bills.
Kambri Crews, author of the memoir Burn Down the Ground, on growing up with deaf parents, her dad's attempted murder charge, and Mike Daisey's unpersuasive self-defense. Also, Guy Steward tells us more about the police riot on M17, and John reports from the ousting of the Union Square encampment.
Zach D Roberts on the violent raid of Liberty Sq on M17 and his account of being beaten by a police baton, plus a full round up of the 6 month Occupy anniversary actions. Also, the awful case of Trayvon Martin.
Disaster historian Jacob Remes on Fukishima, the myth of natural disasters, and the anarchist ideals of mutual aid that emerge immediately following disasters. Plus, a visit to the American Girl store, John gets fought, and Republicans in Congress are not against violence against women.
Nona Willis Aronowitz, associate editor at GOOD Magazine, on the downwardly mobil service sector and the plight of young college graduates. Plus, n+1 rounds up ladyblogs, and a listener requests that we talk about the Post Office!
Gunner Scott on trans organizing in Occupy, digging into Occupy theory, and Go to trial, crash the system – how demanding a jury trial could bring the criminal justice system to its knees.
Emma Lillian and E-Rock from Occupy Vermont join us to discuss upcoming March demonstrations at Entergy Nuclear Power Plant, plus, we're at an Occupy conference in Vermont, and Les Leopold was the keynote speaker.
Rush's advertisers pull out, John and Molly get riot training, Holder tells us when the government can kill civilians, and 6 Anonymous hackers are arrested.
Salon's Alex Pareene joins us to discuss Breitbart's death and the political Internet he helped to create, the bizarre and fascinating ancestors of Mitt Romney, and a new round of Who's More Objectionable? Plus, increasing wealth disparity back to pre-Crash rates, the Virginia statehouse protest, and the vegetarian food fest in NYC.
Dustin Luke Nelson interviews Andrey Kurkov a Ukranian author (journalist / dissident / screenwriter / children's book author / international man of mystery) who is in the US for five days. Plus, more on ALEC and F29, plus the Blunt amendment is defeated, and David Albo and Rush are the worst.
Matt Taibbi on the crimes of Bank of America, and Laura Yasinitsky (Lara Yaz) on veganism and writing fashion police jokes for US Weekly. Plus, we report live from F29, the day OWS called Shut down the Corporations.