RD debuts new segment called Weird Science (about weird science), Bloomberg, and Detroit.
Alexis Goldstein joins RD to discuss the Break up BofA campaign, Jamie Dimon, and her time on Wall Street.
Natasha Lennard and Camille Raneem join RD to discuss the theory and practice of anarchism.
The stop stop and frisk march, men pick up the slack on Adam Corolla's sexism, Spanish 10-year bond yields go above 7%, and we finally get to the unpleasant street encounter.
The thrilling and sad conclusion to the D17 Forgive Us Our Trespasses case.
Days 3, 4, and 5 of the Occupy Wall Street D17 trial, and Radio Dispatch has been in the courtroom for every minute of testimony
RD is in the courtroom for the D17 Forgive Us Our Trespasses trial, interviews Simon Johnson.
Ryan Devereaux on Stop and Frisk and solitary confinement, D17 trial, more.
An enthralling discussion about Communism and Marx with Jesse Meyerson and Chepe.
Think Progress' Ali Gharib joins us to discuss Iran, national security, and Obama's so-called “kill list”. Also, lawmakers seek to limit abortion rights because of a constructed sex selection epidemic, and Occupy Wall Street marches in a counter-fundraiser for Schniederman's task force. More information at and email us at 00:00 Welcome to Radio Dispatch 00:28 OWS marches on Obama 18:55 Constructed sex selection used to curtain reproductive rights 28:57 Ali Gharib on Iran and Obamas kill list 60:33 “Freefallin'” Atmosphere / Credits 61:11 Finish Fund the task force sign Marching to Obama Obama sign on theater
Sarah Jaffe on the Quebec student protests and the recall effort in Wisconsin, Jack Boyle's hunger and HIV medication strike directed at Trinity Church, and a Romney advisor refers to women's issues as “shiny things”. Also, friend of the show Jamie Kilstein offers to fight Jonah Goldberg.
Disaster historian and Canada expert Jacob Remes joins us to discuss the continuing student protests in Quebec, New Era workers collective now owns Republic windows and Doors in Chicago, and the job numbers paint a dismal picture of an economy sliding back towards a recession. Plus, media outlets refuse to quote women.
Julian Assange is closer to facing extradition to Sweden, more OWS charges get dismissed both in New York and Chicago, Romney releases his long-form birth certificate, and 10 things everyone should know about Quebec's Student movement.