The New York Post sinks to a new low, Romney's racist comments in Jerusalem, and VT cops fire on protesters.
Professor Sarah Knuckey on the recently released report that claims the NYPD broke international law in suppressing Occupy Wall Street, and Tim Pool on the recent police violence and community response in Anaheim.
A report by civil and human rights lawyers claims the NYPD broke international law in their suppression of Occupy Wall Street.
Anaheim police shot and killed a man, shot at families, Bloomberg calls for police strike, James Holmes, Batman.
The Aurora mass killing doesn't result in any renewed calls for gun control by Obama, what violence comedians will joke about and what violence is sacred, and Anaheim police kill a man and then shoot less lethal weapons at families who were protesting. Also, the confused politics of The Dark Knight Rises, but no spoilers.
Nathan Fuller of the Bradley Manning Support Network joins us to discuss Manning's latest pre-trial hearing. Also, tape from the Ramarley Graham memorial action in The Bronx.
Alex Pareene on the financialization of the economy, Louis CK on the Daily Show, David Brooks, Con Ed.
Melissa Gira Grant (Alternet, the Guardian) on the Village Voice scandal, how to make sex work safer, and of course Magic Mike. Also, continued coverage of the Libor rate rigging scandal, the Chicago teachers union could go on strike, and Molly may have broken her nose at the beach.
Speaking with Jennifer Jajeh on her one woman show I Heart Hamas, plus follow ups on Tosh and NY Post.
Tabloids smear OWS with unsubstantiated murder link, and Daniel Tosh catches heat for his rape jokes.
Caitlin Kline and Alexis Goldstein are in to discuss the Libor scandal, more ConEd lockout, 1% Tax Dodgers baseball game.
Daniele Kohn and Tim “Dicey Troop” Fitzgerald discuss visiting Occupy's first political prisoner, Mark Adams, in Rikers. Also, a dismal jobs report, the Con Ed lockout continues, and an awful court case in Sweden.
The Con Ed lockout continues, for-profit probation is the new debtors' prison, the NYPD create a “wanted” poster targeting OWS activists, and Seventeen magazine will stop using photoshopped images after protests from an eighth grader.
Romney's Bain invested in aborted fetuses disposal company, Mitch McConnell/GOP don't care about health care.
Explaining the Affordable Care Act, John's run-in with the AD who served him a subpoena, more.