Justin Elliott of Salon on Wall Street's fundraising for the Democrats and Newt's bizarre “anti-poverty” stance in the late 90s. Also, on-the-ground at an OWS foreclosed homes blockade, and we finally get to talk about means girls, in real life.
Ali Gharib, ThinkProgress National Security reporter, joins us to discuss the NYPD's showing of anti-Muslim propaganda, the covert war with Iran, and explains what's happening in the straits of Hormuz.
Newtmentum is fueled by barely-coded racism and outright lies, Todd Glass comes out on Marc Marron's podcast, and the US Government shuts down MegaUpload.
Newt doubles down on food-stamp president comments, Mitt's lessons from his father, and Occupy Harlem protests an Obama fundraiser. And Molly's essay about life as a balloon salesperson, on roller blades, complete with music and sound effects.
On the ground at Occupy Congress, the Late Show fires Eddie Brill after NYT profile firestorm, and SOPA/PIPA Internet protest round up.
Rich Benjamin on deification of MLK JR, Eddie Brill responds to his critics, and truth vigilantes fact check Mitt Romney's never-ending lies.
Interviews from Occupy Nigeria solidarity protest at the Nigerian consulate in Manhattan, NYT profile of Letterman's comedy booker reveals deep seeded sexism, should the NYT report facts or lies, and Romney put his dog on the roof of his car, like a sociopath.
Collier Meyerson, creator of Carefree White Girl, joins us to discuss race in popular culture, and tells us that Zooey Deschanel is probably the ultimate CFWG. Also, sounds from Zuccotti Park from minutes after the barricades came down.
Round up of Occupy NH primary, Two GOP debates in 10 hellish hours, and No, saying “tranny” in a joke is not always acceptable. Also, this is our first show with our new microphones!
We report from the protest at Lord Bloomberg's manor, Rick Santorum doubles down on “bleech” people, and Gingrich thinks all black people are on food stamps.
On the ground coverage of the anti-NDAA mic check in Grand Central and other J3 actions – including Andrew Stepanian's account of spending time in prison on terrorism charges, Romney and Santorum tie in Iowa, and the NYPD evicts Global Revolution livestreamers.
Occupy New Years Eve faces police aggression, indefinite detention for American citizens is now the law of the land, and looking forward to a busy January.