Alternet's Kristen Gywnne joins us to discuss police brutality in the Bronx, the school to prison pipeline, and why you should smoke weed instead of drink booze. Plus, Santorum is no Jack Kennedy, and a brief history of using women's bodies for science without their consent.
Sam Osterhout reads selections from Memos to Ruby, soon-to-be-published short pieces of advice for his daughter, plus Our Man In Greece, Guy Steward, interviews activists about the economic turmoil. Also, as OWS fades from media spotlight, so does income inequality and corporate greed, and following up on Virginia ultrasound bill.
Comedian Ted Alexandro joins us to discuss his arrest at OWS, a near mauling by a lion cub, and the terror of waiting in the wings before his first David Letterman appearance. Also, HuffPo blames Occupy for a death that was the result of OPD negligence, and the NYPD's massive apparatus to spy on Muslims throughout the Northeast.
Jeffrey McClain of Iraq Veterans Against the War on his time in Iraq and his involvement in the anti-war and Occupy movements. Plus, John visits an Occupier in Rikers and Molly teaches another elementary school girls club.
Baratunde Thurston joins us to discuss his new NYT bestselling book How To Be Black. We talk about the insanity of his book tour, the insanity of the GOP, and the calming voice of Terry Gross. Plus, gals should asprin between the knees and Iran has probably already bombed America.
Truthout's Jesse Meyerson and Guy Steward join us to discuss black bloc tactics, provoking the wrath of the state, predictions for the American Spring and Summer. Also, part 2 of our interview with Ryan Deveraux. Plus, John's report on Occupy the SEC.
The Guardian's Ryan Deveraux on transparency and privacy, police brutality in the Bronx regarding Ramarley Graham and Jateik Reed, and drinking tea in the office of The Guardian. Also, Chris Brown “can beat me”, Greece is on fire, and Obama's war on whistleblowers.
Natasha Lennard – freelance journalist covering OWS and other protest movements who was arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge while working for the NYT – joins us to discuss the upcoming G8 summit in Chicago, Hedges anti-Black Bloc article, and what it's like to report from the field for the NYT.
Leighann Lord joins us to discuss African Americans for Humanism, an outreach organization for black atheists. Plus, Prop 8 defeated, Santorum's weird sweep, and the bill that would convert tweets into felonies goes down in flames in Oregon.
Super Bowl ad scrubs union sign, why the Komen split was good for feminism, interviews from High School Walk Out Day, and an activist just back from West Papau. This show is everywhere you need it to be.
Chloe Angyal of Feministing joins us to discuss how Komen cowardly backed away from Planned Parenthood, a bill that would make men get rectal exams before they are eligible for Viagra, and the dangers of traveling alone as a woman.
John goes to court, DA subpoena's twitter, and Komen for the cure cuts out of planned parenthood.
Gov Eliot Spitzer joins us to discuss OWS, ways of solving the mortgage crisis, and back room deals would make people revolt if they knew about them. Also, coverage of Occupy Oakland's attempt to take a building and the OPD's brutal crackdown, and the OWS solidarity march the following day.