May Day approaches, and Radio Dispatch gives you all the info you need to get ready. Also, Occupiers list grievances on the steps of Federal Hall, some Republicans vote for the Violence Against Women Act, and a new segment called Anatomy of an Arrest, with guest Nisse Greenberg.
On Act Up's 25th anniversary, they join with Occupy Wall Street in demanding a financial transaction tax and Radio Dispatch is there to see it all. Also, student debt has hit 1 trillion dollars, the violence against women act reaches the Senate floor, and we both take Muay Thai classes.
We are back from vacation, ready to recap last Monday night on the steps of Federal Hall, ready for the ramp up to May Day, plus following up on UC Davis and your responses to our show on privilege. Plus, John's charges got dropped!
The semi-vacation continues for Radio Dispatch. Here's a new show, recorded about a week early. On today's show, Charlotte joins Molly (and takes over for John) for a very special installment of Molly and Charlotte Fix Your Life.
Radio Dispatch is on partial vacation, which means this is a new show but recorded a week early. So instead of news and protest politics, we spend the hour on our advice segment, John and Molly Fix Your Life. We'll be back to usual on April 25th. Until then, enjoy the advice!
Michael Premo on singing auction blockades, an upcoming week of action in New York City courthouses, and Bank of America's role in the foreclosure crisis. Also, John reports on last week's Break up Bank of America actions, and our friend Nisse got arrested outside the New York Stock Exchange.
The Occupy movement continues to sleep on Wall Street and Radio Dispatch is there to document it, Ann Romney and Hilary Rosen have taken over the media, and we do our best to talk about what privilege means, at a listener's request.
Alternet's Sarah Jaffe on the war on Unions, the Bank of America deathwatch, and the 1 trillion dollars of student debt hanging over the economy. Also, Obama signs the deplorable JOBS Act, and in Wisconsin women get paid less because they don't care about money. Also, listener requests!
Alternet's Sarah Seltzer joins us to discuss right wing bullies, the war on women, and Mad Men. Plus, John Derbyshire is too racist for the National review, and a department of homeland security magazine compares Occupy and the Black Hand. Also, a pillow fight!
Police continue to harass the Occupy camp in Union Square, March's dismal jobs number, and Barbara Walters interviews Jenna Talackova, the transgender Miss Universe contestant.
Ryan Devereaux of The Guardian on vigils for Ramarley Graham, so-called “clean halls” bills that allow the NYPD to enter apartment buildings, and the trick that cops use on kids carrying weed to arrest them. Plus Obama positions himself as the one true centrist, and state legislators compare women to cattle. Also more listener mail!
6 month anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge arrests, more on MTA bonds and the ways bankers are taking commuters' money, and Molly attends Women and Action in the Media.
16,000 readers of Free Press respond to arrests and intimidation of journalists, Scalia rants about Broccoli from the bench of the Supreme Court, and the worst Vodka ad Molly has ever seen.