Tim Fitzgerald (@diceytroop) on livetweeting GAs & presenting OWS to a Unitarian congregation, Obama's drone program continues as Democrats keep quiet, and Fargo's international terrorism unit is beefed up and ready to save the world.
Occupy the Holidays interviews with Jeff Smith (@dontbeaputz) & Dwayne Henry (@dwayne_wins), and holiday party advice from one of our favorite characters, the Insecure Chef.
Stephen Bloom's hateful Iowa smear, How to give Bronx after school students Christmas gifts, and Ron Paul's racist newsletters are back in the news. Plus, a fully produced radio play about when John was a Cartier gift wrapper.
On the ground at the protest to save Washington Irving High School, Twitter terrorism, and a live set of the two of us telling the arrest story at Penny's Open Mic in the East Village.
Nearly 50 arrested on 3-month anniversary of OWS – including Bishop George Packard, we escape a police net with our Iowa charm, Bradley Manning's trial has begun, and Vaclav Havel is dead.
More jails stories, Molly's appearance on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and Forbes tells black children what to do.
John spends 37 hours in jail after being arrested covering an OWS protest. Molly appears on Olbermann and writes about it for Salon. Here's the story.
Radio Dispatch is on repeat today because our own John Knefel was arrested and held for over 36 hours for documenting an OWS action Monday morning. Several other prominent OWS independent journalists were also arrested. John is okay, and his arrest along with 16 others received national media attention. He and the others were released late Tuesday night. In this ENCORE EDITION of Radio Dispatch (first aired Nov 21, 2011), Molly's conversations w Father Punk, and John's 17 hours on the ground for OWS's day of action.
Chloe Angyal joins us to discuss the awfulness of New Years Eve (the romcom), Obama's disappointing Plan B decision, and the video of Princeton students mic-checking a JP Morgan rep.
On the ground coverage of the December 6th Occupy Our Homes action, USA Today and NY Post write halfway decent stories about D6, Governor Cuomo creates new tax bracket for richest New Yorkers, and Obama refocuses on inequality.
Rev Jesse Jackson speaks at the Nation, we were there to listen in, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo plans on raising taxes on richest New Yorkers, OWS tackles home foreclosure problem head on AND Hermain Cain implodes after having a consensual affair but not 5 accusations of sexual harassment.
John gets penned in while Occupying Obama, the Levin/McCain bill expands terrorism battlefield to entire globe, and women hate all the GOP candidates.
CUNY protests kick into high gear, DoD contractors descend on Manhattan – and we're there to watch, and Molson Beer's “pre-programmed women” campaign.