Poison Control Center - Serious Business on BTR [ep40]

Premiere DateAug 22, 2011
Categories Media Music

Poison Control Center is a quintessential rock ‘n’ roll band — guitar rock with a healthy dose of showmanship. Says Travis: “Straight outta Ames, Iowa come The Poison Control Center. These tireless rockists have opened for Pavement and play hundreds of shows a year all over the country. Their shows are sweaty, visceral, anti-shoegaze fun-fests brimming with rock and roll abandon…”


Complete radio broadcast and playlist:

Official website for Poison Control Center: http://thepoisoncontrolcenter.com

About Serious Business on BTR:
Travis Harrison records bands for a living, so he knows how to get the best out of musicians. As the president of Serious Business, a recording studio and record label, Travis also knows the industry. Every week he invites musicians into his studio for no-holds-barred conversations where anything goes. Funny, irreverent and seriously interesting: Serious Business on BTR, Mondays on the new BreakThru Radio.

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