Planet Beet

Premiere DateMay 7, 2014
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00:00 Intro & Themetoon
00:40 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
01:24 I Spit Rock Beast With A Gun
03:22 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
07:11 The Conditions Of your Love My Visor
11:03 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
14:46 I Drempt About Dying ACivilian
15:46 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
19:17 Serbian Girl Gospel
22:11 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
25:41 Restlessness Death
29:26 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
33:27 Bird On The Nest The Sound Of Sight
35:34 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
40:34 Stickleback My Visor
43:09 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
45:45 Free Death
47:44 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
51:24 You Endless Squarepusher
55:05 Mr Jason & Iain Talking
58:46 Rubber Moon Organ Monkeys
60:46 Outroduction
60:55 Finish

Planet Beet with Mr Jason & Iain Lowery – 7th May 2014

We’re featuring My Visor’s 3rd LP as Album Of The Month, and Death III as Classic Album, as well as a sneak preview of the new ACivilian LP, the first track from new band Gospel, and a few more bits and bobs to tickle yer fancy.
We’s 100% raring to go! Am you?
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The Sound Of Sight

Old School Studios –
Packed Full Of Jam –

Recorded at Old School Studios, Studio C, onto analogue computer.

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Host Mr Jason
When he was seven, Jason started writing songs -- mostly silly stuff, which went hand in hand with the hilarious (in their minds) radio shows that he and his older sister would record on their dad's dictaphone.…