Cavalcade of Stars!

Premiere DateSep 28, 2016
00:00 Mic Break
05:44 Here Is The Room Dicktations
08:50 Cool Sinless
12:09 Trampoline Kero Kero Bonito
16:04 いただきま あきお & bo en
19:30 Smokestack Macula Dog
22:24 Turning Light TvAM Remix Amber Arcades
28:52 Twenty Twenty - Monogamy
31:54 Mic Break
38:36 Freek Aquarian Blood
40:50 What's Keeping You Old Maybe
45:09 The Love and Longing of the Emanations Cameron Day
51:09 Proof Squirrel Pancake
54:07 Wrestle Anthem CE Schneider Topical
57:50 Shadows Break Mega Bog
60:00 Mic Break
67:03 Temporary Dicktations
70:12 Finish

This week is heavy on heavy-hitters… new tunes from Overnight Sensation faves… some of the best new music you will hear all year! Music from bands like DICKTATIONS! KERO KERO BONITO! OLD MAYBE! MEGA BOG! Oh me oh my… this one’s a winner!


Dicktations - Super Paradise

Dicktations – Super Paradise


CE Schneider Topical - Antifree

CE Schneider Topical – Antifree


Sinless - Cool

Sinless – Cool

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