Colors of the Pines

Premiere DateSep 21, 2016
00:00 Mic Break
04:15 Who Made the Man? Uranium Club
09:16 What's That? Yuppies
12:14 Lion's Den The Men
15:45 The Company Distrust Stefan Christensen
18:36 Colors Of The Pines Violent Change
20:53 Cul De Sac Suburban Homes
22:41 Don't Be Shy Vanity
27:06 Mic Break
35:32 Cape Lookout The Exaggerated Sighs
40:32 Quicker decay SQUIRREL PANCAKE
44:57 Oh Well Exiles From Clowntown
50:13 Davy Jones Hamer
53:02 Bleeder (Nothin in My Head) Manneqin
56:09 Everywhere The Pom Poms
59:25 Mic Break
65:07 See Me Fall Tony Molina
66:10 Finish

Lots of great new tunes this week from show favorites like URANIUM CLUB, VIOLENT CHANGE, STEFAN CHRISTENSEN, and VANITY! Lots of more good new stuff from bands I didn’t know before like THE POM POMS and PBOY! You’re gonna get a taste of the high life… and once you get a taste, you’ll never wanna go back. Only on BTRtoday.


The Exaggerated Sighs 7"

The Exaggerated Sighs 7″


Violent Change - VC3

Violent Change – VC3


Vanity - Don't Be Shy

Vanity – Don’t Be Shy

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