It's Always 1996 Somewhere...

Premiere DateSep 7, 2016
00:00 Overnight Sensation
03:35 Juicy, Juicy, Juice Royal Trux
09:09 Jesus I Was Evil Darcy Clay
11:57 Stony Creation The Summer Hits
14:08 Hey Allison Henry's Dress
16:33 In This Town Cheater Slicks
20:25 Fire in the Swimming Girl Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments
24:10 In The Pineys Strapping Fieldhands
27:04 few Nothing Painted Blue
29:58 Overnight Sensation
34:45 Rise and Shine The Cardigans
38:11 Definition of love Don Lennon
41:43 Hello Rain The Softies
45:14 All You Ever Do Is Walk Away Magnetic Fields
47:16 Coach Station Reunion Field Mice
50:23 Puzzle Pieces Tiger Trap
52:48 Outer Space 3Ds
55:56 Young People The Pooh Sticks
59:46 Overnight Sensation
65:12 Sinaloan Milk Snake Song The Mountain Goats
67:27 Finish

We’re taking a stroll down memory lane and playing some of the very best tunes of the 1990s! A whole decade, boiled down to an hour! Can we even do this? Well, with the help of some of the finest songs ever recorded, songs from bands like HENRY’S DRESS, THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APTS, DARCY CLAY, and DON LENNON… I think we’re gonna make it!


Henry's Dress - Bust 'Em Green

Henry’s Dress – Bust ‘Em Green


Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts - Bait and Switch

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts – Bait and Switch


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