Life's a Bust

Premiere DateAug 24, 2016
00:00 Mic Break
02:07 Do What You Want To VEXX
05:01 We Keep Coming The Shabbab
07:55 mujeres brasileras juan lichter
09:26 Jared's Sandwich Fernando & The Teenage Narcs
11:46 Bad Date Whipworm
13:41 Eternity of Man PROM NITE
14:41 Pale Bars FLQ
17:18 Absolution Empty Beings
19:38 Weak Flesh WHIP
20:53 Without a Doubt Liquids
23:34 Life's A Bust Rik & the Pigs
28:21 Mic Break
35:26 As Expected Vanity
38:29 Consent Pale Kids
40:26 Nueces Kill Amigo
42:27 blahhh cool schmool
44:19 Jelly Royal Noble
47:07 Vivienne The Cannanes
49:47 Terrible People Loudmouse
50:48 In the Street Planet Death
53:53 Quail Birth The Miami Dolphins
55:50 Your Dragon Suckdog
58:10 Mic Break
66:14 Shine and Scatter Strange Passage
69:38 Finish

Nice! Lots of good PUNK MUSIC records have come out lately and you’re gonna hear them NOW. New tracks from some of today’s brightest musical stars… Stars like PROM NITE! Like VEXX! Like VANITY! And STRANGE PASSAGE! And so many more, it’ll make your head spin. I swear.


Vexx - Wild Hunt

Vexx – Wild Hunt


Strange Passage - Shine and Scatter

Strange Passage – Shine and Scatter


Vanity - Don't Be Shy

Vanity – Don’t Be Shy

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