Goin' Deeeeeeep

Premiere DateAug 17, 2016
00:00 Mic Break
03:51 Violet Delivery Blank Realm
07:59 Bloody Nights at the Hotel Bar Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones
12:32 Hey Allison Henry's Dress
14:59 Car Solid Jackson
18:13 Heavier Air God Is My Co-Pilot
20:30 The Little Engineer's Set Dentists
23:35 Mic Break
27:22 Bleak Vacations Psychedelic Horseshit
34:40 Lick My Boots Royal Trux
39:07 The Story of Yo La Tango Yo La Tengo
50:40 Pirouette Tall Dwarfs
54:52 Crux Guided by Voices
57:10 Wasted Poets Overflowed Violent Change
59:52 Mic Break
61:09 The Boy Wonders Aztec Camera
64:25 Finish

Check it out! Now you can beat the heat with this BRAND NEW EPISODE of Overnight Sensation. Featuring hits from Henry’s Dress, Solid Jackson, Dentists, Royal Trux, and many more all-time classic bands. Tune in or GET OUT!


Blank Realm - Grassed Inn

Blank Realm – Grassed Inn


Guided By Voices - Devil Between My Toes

Guided By Voices – Devil Between My Toes


Violent Change - Celebration of Taste

Violent Change – Celebration of Taste

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