A Lonely Fuzz Star

Premiere DateAug 10, 2016
00:00 Mic Break
04:18 For Juliet's Health Bleu Velvet
07:37 think only of yourself accept us
09:15 Uncut ZZZ pop
13:09 love at all art supplies
16:43 Lucy Hampton on Her Wedding Day SEAN SOLO
19:19 movie life future star
21:14 Between The Times Brendan Sepe
24:20 Game With No Rules Donovan Quinn
27:02 Mic Break
32:36 ABC All the Weathers
36:17 Lull JODY
38:41 Lakes Teen Brigade
42:29 The 90's Have A Lot To Answer For (feat. Slipknots) Kenny Cornflakes
45:05 Carry Me Casey Chisholm
47:57 if you want mer
50:20 time for dreaming sunny b
52:28 maybe this eric makes songs
54:38 hello sailor the happy birthdays
56:10 Mic Break
62:47 Born To Be Wine Protomartyr
66:52 Finish

And once again, it’s Overnight Sensation on BTRtoday, here to bring you the latest from the deep underground of lo-fi, homerecorded artpop music. There’s so much good stuff, you don’t even know. Stuff like BLEU VELVET, like DONOVAN QUINN, like ALL THE WEATHERS… I mean, you wouldn’t even know what to do if you heard this stuff. But I do! I play it on my radio show!


All The WeathersAll The Weathers


Bleu Velvet - Heavenly CreaturesBleu Velvet – Heavenly Creatures


ZZZ pop - Uncut - coverZZZ pop – Uncut

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