Believe in Something Fun

Premiere DateMay 18, 2016
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
02:55 Dream On Dreamer David West
09:26 Zoko AM3 The Lines
12:57 Believe in Something Fun Prince Rama
15:57 On the edge of Night MACKBOOGALOO
22:36 LDN Luanda Part III The Busy Twist
26:15 We In Da Zone Cakedog
31:14 Mic Break
36:54 Counting the Hours The Bibs
38:33 Paraclete Zach Phillips
40:51 Harsh Nights monogamy
43:42 Ian's Song Teenage Chain
46:16 Secret KEEL HER
47:52 Loser The World
49:48 Mr. DIY Salt People
52:27 So Easy Paul Cherry
54:49 I Can't Go Outside Handglops
57:23 Mic Break
63:48 Elephant Kaleidoscope
65:38 Finish

This week’s show is good and fun, OK? Starts off with a dance/postpunk set featuring heavy new hits from DAVID WEST, DJ MACKBOOGALOO, CAKEDOG, and more! Second set goes back to the bedroom with homerecorded weirdpop from THE BIBS, MONOGAMY, KEEL HER, and many more great ones. It’s good! It’s fun! So set it and forget it!

Cakedog – Champions

David West – Peace or Love

Handglops – I Can’t Go Outside

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