"In Our Hearts, We'll Be Chill"

Premiere DateOct 14, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
03:04 Tirk Ho (Water Flow) Pov Vannary
06:01 aue tueng pi aay mi yu laue naang naang
09:36 Cape Lookout THE WALKING TRAILS
14:41 Sand Peter Gutteridge
18:42 Trick Alex G
19:54 Le Boucle Julien Gasc
25:08 Mic Break
30:08 So Beguiled The Soundcarriers
33:42 Everyday Just Another Dream (longer version) Brenda Ray
36:59 Just Can't Dub Dub Specialist
39:32 LIFT ME UP Saturday Looks Good To Me
41:59 Carinito Los Hijos del Sol
45:57 Sai Kanda Bongo Man
49:40 Betsimisaraka Tsy Ho Andry
53:51 Mic Break
56:58 Avant de mourir Gino Bordin
60:00 Finish

This is just a good, old-fashioned chill-out set… The chill is beginning to set in the air, so I figured it was appropriate. You will love to hear these songs from Walking Trails, Peter Gutteridge, Brenda Ray, and more!

Peter Gutteridge

Alex G

Dub Specialist

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