Best Of 2015 Is Yet To Come?

Premiere DateAug 5, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
07:34 How To Get There Summer Saints
10:33 Sleeping In The Attic Vexx
12:10 School Toupee
14:24 I'm That Key HOME BLITZ
16:39 People Punks The Coneheads
17:57 Anxiety C.C.T.V.
19:09 Outcast Stomp G.L.O.S.S.
21:02 Why Does it Shake Protomartyr
25:40 Mic Break
30:56 I Don't Mind Twerps
36:22 Bobby Lightning Bug
40:15 Cops Don't Care Pt. II Fred Thomas
41:57 Dying 2 C U Michael O.
44:10 h o e katie dey
47:19 maintaining my uncool (it kills) boyhood
50:24 Deeper Into Movies Yo La Tengo
55:32 Operator Song Honey Radar
57:03 Dear Drew Young Guv
60:55 Mic Break
67:43 Aerial Gobs of Love Black Time
70:49 Finish

It’s now very deep into 2015, so I have very nobly taken it upon myself to create a wonderful set of some of my favorite music of the year SO FAR. Basically it’s a heavy rock set with bands like Vexx, Toupee, Coneheads, etc., followed by a cool pop set with bands like Fred Thomas, Katie Dey, and Honey Radar. So much good stuff! Listen to it!

G.L.O.S.S. Demo

Vexx – Give and Take 7″

Toupee – Leg Toucher

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