Overnight Sensation

Premiere DateApr 8, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
03:41 90210 The Courtneys
07:34 What's That Yuppies
10:34 We Got Rocket Times New Viking
13:41 Tom Courtenay Yo La Tengo
17:01 Egoiste Laure Briard
19:29 Divorce Song Liz Phair
22:42 Cactus Cat Look Blue Go Purple
25:58 Big Soft Punch The Clean
28:25 Mic Break
35:09 I'm That Key HOME BLITZ
37:26 Rescue You Too The Mice
40:12 Cattle and Cane The Go-Betweens
44:26 Ineffable darlingchemicalia
47:29 Change Absolute Mess
50:44 They've Let Things Slide Kevin Boyer
53:25 Sinister Drug Pizza
55:54 Box Batteries Mac McCaughan
59:08 Mic Break
63:10 Ripe 4 Luv Young Guv
66:55 Finish

It’s the spring time in the northern hemisphere, time to enjoy the changing weather! In honor of this season, I’ve put together a good mix of springtime standbys of the indie rock variety. Includes hits from The Courtneys, Yo La Tengo, The Mice, Absolute Mess, Young Guv, and more!

The Courtneys

Young Guv

Yo La Tengo

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