Overnight Sensation

Premiere DateMay 14, 2014
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
02:52 Mamura Owa Gando Takeshi Terauchi
04:47 Nang Nak Johnny Guitar
07:12 Youm Os Tirk Pnake Pov Vannary
10:11 Kompong Chnang Dael Kyom Sraumai Sinn Sisamouth
12:54 Kirirkisi Sir Victor Uwaifo
16:46 Beaming Scientist
20:15 Liquor Store Saturday Looks Good to Me
21:26 Nowhere Near Yo La Tengo
27:26 Mic Break
30:37 Stony Creation The Summer Hits
32:48 Bible Belt Baby The Gizmos
34:44 Rescue You Too The Mice
37:31 I'll Give It Away Bill Fox
40:53 Maggie and Me The Dirty Projectors
43:32 I Truly Understand Shortbuckle Roark and Family
46:07 Kuasie Awissa Nicholas de Heer
49:04 Run, Old Jeremiah Unknown
52:32 Fiji Andi Thakambau
55:02 Sa Sa Samoa (Elite Gymnastics Remix) Korallreven
58:33 Mic Break
63:44 Only Love Can Break Your Heart Saint Etienne
68:13 Finish

“Just the hits on this week’s Overnight Sensation! Only hits for me please, I’m on a diet! Thanks.”

— A Message from DJ Patrick K

Sir Victor Uwaifo

Saturday Looks Good to Me

Saint Etienne

With over ten years of radio experience, Patrick K. is one of BTR's most-seasoned personalities. Accordingly, he hosts of some of BTR's most celebrated programs. His focus is on the deep, dark (and frequently…