Overnight Sensation

Premiere DateJan 1, 2014
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
03:36 All My Friends Cherry Glazerr
05:52 Three Swallows Protomartyr
08:10 Kicker Shudder Pulps
10:55 Undone The Wretched Hymns
12:47 Eaton Canyon Soft Salad
15:01 Good Boyfriends Borrow The Manpains
16:08 Everywhere I Go Mini Dresses
18:33 When Love Dies Leland Brehl
20:36 Would You Always Be At Home? Jonathan Rado
24:08 Mic Break
29:28 La Boucle Julien Gasc
34:42 Stupid Thing Yo La Tengo
39:41 Gaufrettes Pen 15 Club
42:26 Elixir Vitae Floorist
45:43 Taboo! Very Fresh
49:08 A Long Day Tall Ducks
52:09 Half Twain the Jesse Jessica Pratt
57:33 Winter Garden Scraped Knees
60:01 Time Window Kits
62:45 Mic Break
66:01 Summer Creeps Connections
68:45 Finish

“Whooppeeee! One more week of “2013 In Review” setlists. It’s a good one. Actually, scratch that… It’s a great one! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I love you all soooooooo much!”

— A Holiday Message from DJ Patrick K

Cherry Glazerr

Jessica Pratt


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