Overnight Sensation

Premiere DateJul 17, 2013
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
05:03 Night Faces Jessica Pratt
09:07 Happy Hour Infinity Crush
10:51 We Found Two Dead Swans Teen Suicide
13:19 Key to the Kingdom Wineskin
16:05 Soul Song Mindwater
19:00 Honey, Watch Your Ass Jason Molina
26:12 Mic Break
29:30 I'm Like Nowhere Andrew Jackson
31:55 Raygun Blues Elijah Kamminga
35:57 Thoughts Conspiring Specel Lesters Shoes
39:30 Will Paton/James
42:14 Natt Mork AIA, Ghoir
46:42 Flee Pumice
51:05 Sketch Big D
52:37 Identity Dragon Lee
55:45 Mic Break
58:22 Namba Super Sounds Namba
63:15 Finish


Jessica Pratt

Jason Molina

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