Overnight Sensation

Premiere DateNov 7, 2012
Categories Media Music
01:39 My Lovely Elizabeth SE Rogie
04:38 Bira David Dzi Hin George Williams Aingo & Daniel H Acquaah
07:40 Reviens Alima Pepe Kalle & Nyboma
13:52 Sweet Mother Prince Nico Mbarga
23:01 Osofu Moko Eya Adomba George Williams Aingo
26:01 Kanakana Bara
31:03 Baby Lef Marah SE Rogie
34:09 Mic Break
42:14 De Tout Mon Coeur Gino Bordin
45:07 C'Est Biguine Orchestre de la Boule Blanche
48:17 The Devil Behind Me Wilmoth Houdini
51:22 Hojoe The Lion
54:08 Addis A-Baba - Augustus Pablo
57:45 Take a Stand McIntorsh and Edwards
60:56 Mic Break
66:30 Morocco Raoul Journo
69:14 Finish

SE Rogie

Prince Nico

Wilmoth Houdini

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