Overnight Sensation

Premiere DateOct 17, 2012
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
03:20 Work It Out Pharaohs
06:43 Coffee Jam Shut Up
09:01 Unscratchable Itch Lube
10:54 Good Morning The Readiance
13:59 So Tired Las Nurses
16:24 Remember This Pool Honeys
19:49 Open Palm Man Legs
23:32 Brain Freeze Mr. Whiskers
25:08 I'm Tired Adjectives
28:24 Mic Break
34:49 Don't Be Mad At Me The Blank Tapes
38:40 Eyes Or Something Like It Tiny Sheep
40:43 Moving to Canada Eric and the Funnettes
42:57 Marigold Brain Flower
46:51 I Wonder If She Gets Down Mountain Cloud
49:52 Can't Tell Dolfyn
53:37 Your Love Rick Steed
58:33 Mic Break
61:24 Sally Superhands
64:36 Finish

Shut Up

Las Nurses

The Readiance

With over ten years of radio experience, Patrick K. is one of BTR's most-seasoned personalities. Accordingly, he hosts of some of BTR's most celebrated programs. His focus is on the deep, dark (and frequently…